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Having Trouble Updating Your iPhone or iPad to iOS 7?

Sep 18, 2013 11:32AM ● By Brian O

Are you having trouble upgrading your iOS device today?

As millions of Apple product owners are finding out, upgrading to Apple's latest operating system for iPhone and the iPad on the first day it's available (Wednesday September 18th) is not quite as smooth as they had hoped.

The process is generally quite simple and straightforward provided your device is compatible, older iPhones and the original iPad are apparently out of luck. However, you will need 3GB of free space on your device to download and properly install iOS 7.

After I freed some space on my iPad I eagerly clicked the download button, located in Settings, and saw it would take about 15 minutes on my cable internet connection to download the 900MB installation file. After downloading, processing, and 'Verifying Update' I was presented with the error message you see above... it would appear that with millions of users attempting to install the upgrade Apple's servers are a bit overwhelmed.

So, it seems I need to sit tight and if you're getting an error message you too may just need to wait until the initial rush has subsided.

Were you able to upgrade your device? We'd love to hear how the process went and what time you upgraded.
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