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The Fly Geyser near Gerlach, Nevada is a Beautiful Colorful Oddity

Jun 21, 2013 01:29PM ● By Brian O

Courtesy Creative Commons - Ochen Krasivyiy Lichnyiy

The Fly Geyser in Nevada is a beautiful semi-natural phenomena that few people are aware of. It sits on private property, the Fly Ranch, in a remote part of Nevada and tours are rarely offered.

"The Geyser is not an entirely natural phenomenon, and was accidentally created in 1916 during well drilling. The well functioned normally for several decades, but in the 1960s geothermally heated water found a weak spot in the wall and began escaping to the surface. Dissolved minerals started rising and accumulating, creating the mount on which the geyser sits, which continues growing. Today water is constantly spewing, reaching 5 feet (1.5 m) in the air." - Fly Geyser @ Wikipedia

Enjoy the gallery. 

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Thank you to the wonderful photographers who not only shared these photos they've taken but also made them available under the Creative Commons license, credits are associated with each image.