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All About Summer Learning Programs

Dec 17, 2012 09:51PM ● By Brian O

Summer learning programs for kids came into being during the late 1880s. Some of the programs included basic reading programs as well as the development of vocational skills of the kids participating while others focused on the development of life skills and core values. More contemporary summer programs have been developed for kids who have wide range of interests in various extra-curricular activities beyond school related activities. These camps include varied activities like outdoor camp experiences, art, music, sports, and other teen activities.

However, it's important not confuse between these summer learning programs for kids and the summer activities organized by many schools. Summer school activities largely focus on academic instruction. They often only take place for half of the day and are attended by students who have quite a low-performance level and, unlike summer programs, the summer schools are also often mandatory. However, summer camps incorporate recreational programs with educational programs. The kids that participate in these programs vary greatly in academic performance and the flexibility of the programs make them easy to incorporate into a summer's activity. 

There are different types of summer programs for kids, which include youth development, educational or cognitive, health and fitness, career development related programs and multi-element programs. Here are a few of the benefits these types of programs offer:

Increase in self-esteem

These summer camps are open to kids of different ages. Thus, they get into the habit of looking after each other and especially looking after the younger campers. These kinds of activities that incorporate responsibility and enable the campers to exceed the expectations of others help in boosting their self-confidence and self-esteem. 

More discipline and organization  

The summer learning programs are generally well-structured and follow a schedule. Therefore, kids get into a routine including waking up on time and finishing their chores by the appointed time.

Fosters a love for nature

Nurturing the love of nature is one of the most important values that the children often learn at camp. Being close to the nature, they learn to respect and protect it. Looking beyond yourself is an important trait that the campers carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Enhancement of physical skills

The summer learning programs include various kinds of physical activities and sports like canoeing, hiking, swimming, horseback riding. These teen activities help in developing physical fitness rather than the alternative of sitting at home. 

Greater sense of respect  

In the camps, children learn how to work together toward a specific goal. When their specific task is completed and their goal is attained, the kids learn appreciate the hard work it took to get there.

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