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Insightful Overview Of Tech Courses Offered For Teens By Prominent Tech Camps

Dec 03, 2012 02:10PM ● By Brian O

Game Design and Development Courses

Tech camps are crafted to bring forth the love for technology in the youth and hone their skills in a variety of areas such as programming, video game coding, graphics, web designing and robotics and more. Major tech camps companies offer tech courses for teens providing instructions on latest technologies available from top software from companies like Apple, Autodesk to Microsoft, Google etc. Dedicated teacher attention is giving to students with the class size optimally configured for maximum impact. Staff are highly qualified i.e. they have high degree of efficiency and proficiency and are recruited in from prestigious institutions. We've included an overview of the major courses on offer will help you in selecting the best camp tailored for your specific needs.

Game designing and development course

Games have a dominating presence in most teenagers’ lives and hence to unravel the secrets at work behind this multi-billion business with video game courses is a delightful experience for them. Teens get a chance to understand the principles dictating the creation, design and implementation of games for various platforms. 3D modeling and game modding courses offer hands-on training to intensify your grasp on graphics, art, animation, workflow streamlining and other programming concepts.

App programming course

Apps literally have become an inevitable aspect of our digital existence. Digital age mandates fundamental knowledge of app programming, scripting and troubleshooting relevant problems. The future of software architecture is rather promising with huge growth predicted by leading analysts. Mastering the building blocks behind the scene with customized programming courses will prepare the ground for capitalizing on this opportunity.

Robotics course

Robots in myriad shapes, sizes and complexity levels are guiding the course of our modern lives. Robotics courses help teenagers understand the intricate technologies that play behind the mechanical beings that flawlessly drive the engine of our lives. Fun learning sessions, experiment workshops and limit challenging inspirational talks will motivate you to learn how to harness the immense potential of robotics and associated mechanical streams.

Web designing course

Web today, is a potent medium to give expression to your ideas and build a positive brand identity while marketing in niche segment. Breathtaking interactive content, dynamic and engaging multimedia, compelling content are key ingredients of an impressive webpage. Create ripples in the web scene by opting for this course and mastering the basics.

3D modeling and animation course

Top notch game developers and film studios rely on the power packed features of Autodesk Maya and other sterling 3D packages to deliver cutting edge presentations that stun your senses. Learn the intuitive tools to erect your own fantasy characters and deploy them with knowledge acquired regarding animation, effects and rendering.

Filmmaking course

This course takes you on a ride into the engaging world of filmmaking involving pre-production visualization, camera maneuvering, creative editing, special effects and an opportunity to practice with professional cameras.

Photographer course

The course offers useful insights into the amazing world of capturing pro-grade shots and manipulating images through subtle adjustment of exposure, shadow, and light rolled with precise editing. 

Apart from the above mentioned courses, students can pick up courses in Digital Music, Photoshop, Programming languages, Animation etc.

Tech camps for teens are ideal breeding ground for nurturing the latent talents in youngsters by exposing them to experienced instructors and passionate students. The atmosphere of the camp is kept light and fun filled to ensure overall personality development of students participating in programming courses.

Author Bio:

Jimmy Sorensen, encourages students to participate in tech camps to hone their talents and to keep abreast of the modern world where technology is part and parcel of everyday life. Tech camps for teens deliver on a wide range of technology related courses such as programming, robotics, video game designing etc. For more information on tech courses, visit