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Bikers-Buzz Motorcycle Awareness

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2 Juniper Pass Crse
Ocala, FL 34480

(352) 470-7352

Visit Their Website for More Info

Founded 2012

Motorcycle Awareness

Free membership and benefits for bikers. Raising money to raise motorcycle awareness and help bikers financially after a motorcycle accident.


They offer free membership and benefits for bikers and raise money for motorcycle awareness and to help bikers after a motorcycle accident. I think it is awesome what they do for our local biker community.

Service on Oct 12

What a terrific organization!

Service on Oct 10

Biker-Buzz is a free orginization that is soely dedicated to the needs of downed bikers and there families when times are tough during recovery time from medical needs, accidents and so on, everyone that rides, has someone close that rides or just simply cares about the needs of others should join this orginazation (again free) and support all the good that they do. Don

Submitted on October 15, 2012